John F. Brady

Our group's research interests are in fluid mechanics and transport processes, with a special interest in problems at the interface between continuum mechanics and statistical mechanics. One area of research concerns fundamental studies of complex fluids. Complex fluids is a generic label for materials that are composed of microstructural elements that interact via colloidal, hydrodynamic, and Brownian forces. Familiar examples of such fluids are suspensions, colloidal dispersions, liquid crystals, ferrofluids, electrorheological fluids, and polymer solutions and melts.

Eric Burkholder

My project focuses on the rheology of active suspensions – colloidal suspensions whose constituent particles are able to undergo directed motion through internally generated forces (e.g. bacterial suspensions, or suspensions of nanoparticles that move via an asymmetric chemical reaction at the particle surface). In particular, we are interested in the microscopic viscoelastic and diffusive properties of the suspension under the influence of external perturbations. Using analytical dilute theory, numerical schemes, and dynamic simulation methods, we will probe these micro­mechanical properties in order to i) improve our fundamental understanding of the nonequilibrium behavior of active suspensions, ii) give insight as to how one might exploit the unique properties of swimmers in material design, and iii) understand the role of activity in biological processes, such as cell lysis.

Kevin Marshall

My research interests can be categorized under the fields of probability and stochastic processes, mesh-free Lagrangian particle simulation methods (e.g. SPH, DPD, SDPD), and Stokesian and Brownian dynamics. I am interested in applying ideas inherent in these mesh-free particle methods to colloidal dynamics problems. Moreover I am interested in developing new, efficient, and perhaps hybrid types of these methods and algorithms that are computationally efficient and are capable of accurately capturing all of the interesting dynamics of a problem. Recently I have coded various simulations on CUDA-enabled GPUs. A problem that I am currently working on looks at the effects of hydrodynamic interactions on macromolecular motion in jammed or high volume fraction systems (e.g. cellular environments) where irregular particle shapes and other field interactions exist. My hobbies include casual graphics programming, developing factor model quant simulations, playing golf, mountain biking, and triathlon multisport.

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